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  • Joshua Belland
    CEO / Founder
    Phone:   281-410-8756
    Email:     joshua@firefect.com

    Joshua Belland started his career as a Houston SEO after learning the techniques to market his own business. With a wealth of determination and not a penny to his name, at 22 he launched his first business, and shortly afterwards sold it to pursue his new found passion in SEO. Shortly after, Joshua’s seemingly natural knack for SEO pole vaulted him into a career, affording him the opportunity to lead SEO campaigns for national fortune 50 consumer, B2B and e-commerce brands needing to build their search visibility.

    After earning his credibility in the enterprise space, his creative (unorthodox some would say) approach led him to focus on ways he could improve SEO processes for businesses in small to midsized markets. His heart and passion are motivated through inspiring entrepreneurship into others while taking the time to educate local marketers in the Houston business community. As of now, Joshua leads the campaign strategies for Signet Interactive and provides SEO consulting for local businesses wanting to successfully leverage SEO for sustainable and long term growth.
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    • Marketing
    Affiliations and Certifications:
    • Adwords Certified
    • Advanced Search
    • Video
    • Mobile
    • TrueView
    Services Provided:
    • Full Service Digital Marketing
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  • Cody Schuldt
    Email:     cody@firefect.com

    Services Provided:
    • Web Development
    • Web Design
    • Brand Strategy
    • UX
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  • Veronica Stapleton
    Client Relations Director
    Email:     veronica@firefect.com